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Presentation Details



Congrats for making it this far! The Final Presentation will provide you and your team the opportunity to present all the progress you've made through the competition. You have full creative control to do what you wish with the presentation, however, there are a few requirements which are listed below. Presentation and other documents are all due BEFORE 11:30 am tomorrow!!


You have full creative control of your presentation, but make sure you incorporate each of the 4 phases into your presentation. This should include the introduction/establishment phase, design phase, marketing phase, and finance phase.


Time: Please keep the presentation under 5 minutes. We will also have 2 min (Max) for questions.

Attire: Business Casual / Professional. Plan with teammates so nobody is over/underdressed.

Order: TBD by the winners of Jeopardy 👀

Location: SCOATES 208 @ 12:45 pm (Be there early for donuts and coffee 🔥)