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Course Introduction

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What to Expect

This website will aid you throughout your ENGR 102 endeavors by giving insight as to what will be taught in this course and what topics you should master to make sure you get that A! Beyond helping you with ENGR 102 this website will be a great resource to look back upon even once you have completed 102.

Sections here will be laid out following weeks 1-14 on your syllabus. Each section on this website will have multiple sub-sections that will contain concise descriptions to help you understand the material, coding examples, and tips to help you learn Python!

Importance of Programming

So what is Programming? Programming is the process that people use to write code that instructs how a computer, application or software program performs.

What Is Python?

Python is a popular programming language used by many large corporations such as Intel, Spotify, Facebook, NASA, and many others. Python is known as one of the most beginner-friendly languages due to its code readability. Python was created by Guido Van Rossum in the 1980s and released in 1991. It has continued to gain popularity every year and is now one of the most well-known languages and sought-out skills in the software industry.

What Can Python Do?

Python can be used for Web development, Data analytics, Game development, Programming applications, and much more. Knowing Python has become a prerequisite for industries such as Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.