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Additional Resources

Chemistry Resources

Here are some extra resources to help you learn Chemistry. It's important and almost always best to get multiple perspectives by using different sources.

General Resourcesโ€‹

Study tips for Quizzes/Examsโ€‹

  • When preparing for quizzes, make sure to redo past homework through OWL for practice and look over notes so you understand conceptual topics!
  • For exams it's also good to utilize past quizzes and OWL homework as practice.
    • If you missed a question on a quiz, make sure to figure out why and redo the problem so you don't miss a similar question.
    • Make sure to attend review sessions that may be offered by TA's or professors themselves as well.
    • Most importantly, try to do at least a few practice exams to prepare.


  • Attend your professor or TA's office hours!
  • Go to SI Sessions!